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Rock the Boat Saturday Night Party Cruise Aboard the Queen of Hearts

Rock the Boat Saturday Night Party Cruise Aboard the Queen of Hearts   It’s Saturday night in New York City and it’s time for you to get ready and hit the nightlife scene. The city is full of so many different things to do, how could you possibly find the best place to be? We know you’ve been all around the city every Saturday, but this Saturday we have something just for you. Get ready to hit the seas and set sail with us on our NYC party cruise! Our weekly Rock The Boat Saturday Night Party Cruise Aboard the Queen of Hearts Vessel will treat you to an experience like no other. Sail through NYC on our cruise and enjoy views of the city, this year’s best music, and your favorite drinks all night long!   Your NYC Party Cruise Aboard the Queen of Hearts This NYC party cruise takes place on the perfect ship for your night. Enjoy your night on any of the three decks on board and experience NYC like never before. Take in views of the city skyline from the large open middle deck or head to the… Read More

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Tuesday Night After Work Cruise

Tuesday Night After Work Cruise Every time you have an epic weekend, chances are you promise yourself that you won’t go out for some time. Some people like to call this “laying low,” while others just say they’re taking a “break” from partying. Problem is, as soon as you go through the dreaded Monday at the office that just drags as each second ticks, and Tuesday morning, which leaves you thinking the week never ends, you’ll eventually feel like it’s time for a drink or a break from the typical workweek routine. That’s where this event comes in handy. The Tuesday Night After Work Cruise gives you the opportunity to give your week a break from the boring and spice it up with a little entertainment. Presented by AfterWorkCruises.com, this special event features all of the amenities that you could find at your stereotypical nightlife venue on land. With a cash bar, music served up by a live DJ, and stunning views of the New York City skyline, there’s not much else that you could ask for. Sure, there are awesome bars all over the city, but who wants to be cooped up when you could be enjoying some… Read More

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Thursday Night Sunset After Work Cruise

Thursday Night Sunset After Work Cruise Can you really wait until Friday at the strike of 5PM to go out and have a drink with your co-workers? Chances are you can’t. That’s why folks think that the weekend officially starts on Thursday. You can all go out for drinks on Friday, but chances are your energy tank will be empty. That’s why Thursday’s the day. Rather than opting for the bar around the corner from the office, here’s your chance to spice things up and surprise your co-workers with a fun opportunity that will amaze them. The Thursday Night After Work Cruise features everything you can get in a bar, only with spectacular views of the city. Presented by AfterWorkCruises.com, the boat features a cash bar, a live DJ serving up music throughout the voyage, and last but certainly not least, immense views of the Big Apple that you could only get from the outside in. It’s easy to head to a bar and enjoy a couple of drinks, but after doing the same thing for weeks with everyone in the office, it’s best to shake things up and give everyone something to look forward to.  … Read More

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Friday Night Happy Hour Cruise

Friday Night Happy Hour Cruise It’s Friday night in New York City and you need to find the best plans for the night. Sure, you can leave the office and head to your favorite local bar, but what’s the fun in that? This Friday, take your happy hour out at sea and get ready to enjoy an experience like never before. Our Friday Happy Hour cruise is going to give you the best start to your weekend. Purchase your tickets on board today and get ready to set sail through the city! Sail into the sunset this Friday night and treat yourself to the perfect after work event. Friday Happy Hour Cruise When you get out the office this Friday, you are going to head straight down to the Skyport Marina for your Friday Happy Hour Cruise. This cruise is going to take a place on a spacious and multileveled ship complete with everything that you need for a good night out. Sail through the city and take in the views of the city skyline and all of its landmarks. From views of the Empire State Building to sailing under the Brooklyn Bridge, no landmark is off… Read More

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Saturday Night Party Cruise

Everyone’s favorite day of the week is Saturday. After busting our humps in the office for hours on end, it’s nice to know that we have a day where we can finally let loose, and enjoy any and all entertainment that we find in New York City. With some of the top nightclubs, bars, and lounges in the nation, there’s no denying the amount of fun you can have in Manhattan on a Saturday night, but ask any local and they’ll be quick to tell you that it gets old after a while. That’s why it’s nice to break the mold of what you’re typically used to, and opt for an alternative experience that offers something more than a dance floor and a drink. That’s where SaturdayNightCruises.com comes in. Instead of going to that neighborhood bar this Saturday night, they’re giving you a chance to hop aboard the Saturday Night Party Cruise for a night that you won’t forget. Featuring a live DJ spinning music for hours on end, a cash bar where you can order your favorite cocktails, and take in the best views that the city has to offer from the outside in. Here’s your chance to… Read More

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